Ле-Дор Ва-Дор - община прогрессивного иудаизма, г.Москва

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Classes with Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

Every second Saturday of the month 13:30 Beith Midrash on Torah Portion with Rabbis Alexander Lyscovoy, Leonid Bimbat

Geiger collage


A unique opportunity to study abroad: rabbinical and cantorial branch Geiger College (Germany)

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Our friend Alice Maron created website: http://www.alisa-maron.ru

purimshpils in Vitebsk

On purimshpils festival in Vitebsk 

Our team JAFI Moscow-Netzer received 3 nominations at once !!! 

Best Actress, Audience Award and Grand Prix of the festival!



Purim celebration in community of Le Dor va Dor

On Wednesday, 23 March, at 19:00, we will celebrate beginning of Purim together with youth movement Netzer. 

Two plays will be presented! 

Great Purim party will take place: 

Saturday, March 26, at 17 hours. Subject: Purim-Fest (by analogy with Oktoberfest) 

Record by phone 8-495-956-66-09


Mishloach Manot

We are partners of the campaign "Bring joy" 
For the project "Integration of children with special needs" in the Jewish community of Moscow " 
and 3rd time involved in collecting sweets for children Mishloach Manot 
If you want to take part - hurry up !!! - Boxes with sweets leave us March 17 !!!



"During the month of Adar, we increase joy" two months of Adar and two performances, which we are ready to show you. 
THEATRE 2.0 - this evening at the end of Fast of Esther, on the eve of Purim. 

The light goes out at 19:00 
Registration for the event is required: 


"Mishloach Manot

Project "Integration of children with special needs in Jewish community of Moscow" 
Long time ago, rabbis decided we have to give each other gifts - "Mishloach Manot" 
We are partners of this event, and we invite you to take part in it 
from 22 February to 17 March 2016 and leave gifts for children!


We planted trees in Israel!

Now our community has its own grove !!! 
We planted trees in Israel!


Tu Bi Shvat

Tu Bi Shvat with community "Le-Dor va Dor"

January 24

(8) 495 - 956 66 09



Every summer at the beginning June

project "Integration of children with special needs in Jewish community of Moscow" holds family camp.

And of course, constantly, we need volunteers.

This year is no exception, and soon, from mid-January 2016 we will start  team's training 

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Rabbi Consultation

Individual consultations of Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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Раввин Леонид Бимбат

Do you have questions about jewish traditions? 

Ask question to rabbi Leonid Bimbat
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The rite of Brit-mila (male circumcision) performed by graduated mohel,

(urologist, andrologist)

Mulik Evgeny Leonidovich

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Бар и Бат Мицва


Bar and Bat Mitzvah in our community. Classes from:
Cantor Dmitry Karpenko, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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