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Classes with Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

Every second Saturday of the month 13:30 Beith Midrash on Torah Portion with Rabbis Alexander Lyscovoy, Leonid Bimbat

Geiger collage


A unique opportunity to study abroad: rabbinical and cantorial branch Geiger College (Germany)

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Our friend Alice Maron created website: http://www.alisa-maron.ru

project "MIR"

What is a project "MIR"? 

We came up project "MIR" 7 years ago 
to help children of the Jewish community 
become more confident to cope with loneliness, 
find a common language with their parents and peers, 
reveal their life potential. 
The training course is part of project and 
consists of a cycle community meetings volunteers 
in which participants will be acquainted with the ideas and 
tools socially oriented coaching 
critical social work and narrative practice. 
The result of the launch of the community can become socio 
important initiatives for the year. 
To take part in the project 
"MIR" you must fill out a short questionnaire on the link: 
and then come to an interview. 
Time appointed by phone or by mail. 
Information group https://vk.com/proectmir 
Write to us:  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript  
See you!


Jerusalem, Sukkot, Le Dor va Dor


Simchat Torah

Dear friends!

 Simchat Torah celebration

 will be on Sunday, October 4 at 17:00

At the end of - light banquet for all participants.

 ph.: 8-495-956-66-09


Yom Kippur

Dear friends!
Gmar Hatim tova! Good entry in Book of Life!
Schedule of services on Yom Kippur 5776:

Tuesday, September 22

19:00 Kol Nidrei. The evening service of Yom Kippur.
Leading Rabbi Alexander Lyskova cantor Dmitry Karpenko.

Wednesday, September 23

11:00 Morning service of Yom Kippur. Mussaf. Yizkor.
Leading Rabbi Alexander Lyskova Rabbi Leonid Bimbat,

Cantor Dmitry Karpenko.

15:00 Beit Midrash, the Rabbis Lyskova Alexander and Leonid Bimbat

17:00 Mincha prayer Yizkor

18:00 Neila. The final service.
Leading Rabbi Alexander Lyskova Rabbi Leonid Bimbat,

Cantor Dmitry Karpenko.

19:23 End of the post. Awdal, light repast

st. Argunovskaya, 3, building 1, 4th floor
Tel. (495) -956-66-09

Rosh Hashanah

Dear friends!

The Rosh Hashanah сelebration 

will be on Sunday, September 13 at 18.00

Ph.: 8-495-956-66-09



Program for leaders, community workers,

Netzer activists and all those who agrees

with the principles of Reform Judaism.

Te set is alrready open!

Don't miss your chance to go to an exellent Masa.


SUKKOTH in Israel 2015

We are opening a new cycle of community projects
that includes thematic trips to Israel.

First trip to Sukkot.
Entry until the end of May. Seats are limited.


Netzer Summer Camps 2015

Jewish Netzer summer camp 


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Rabbi Consultation

Individual consultations of Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

Feedback form

Ask rabbi

Раввин Леонид Бимбат

Do you have questions about jewish traditions? 

Ask question to rabbi Leonid Bimbat
4 questions - 4 answers 


The rite of Brit-mila (male circumcision) performed by graduated mohel,

(urologist, andrologist)

Mulik Evgeny Leonidovich

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Наш видеоканал

Бар и Бат Мицва


Bar and Bat Mitzvah in our community. Classes from:
Cantor Dmitry Karpenko, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

Контакты и координаты


Address: Moscow, street Argunovskaya 3

Building 1, 4th floor

Phone: + 7-495-956-66-09

Email: ledorvadormoscow@gmail.com

Website: www.ledorvador.ru

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