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Classes with Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

Every second Saturday of the month 13:30 Beith Midrash on Torah Portion with Rabbis Alexander Lyscovoy, Leonid Bimbat

Geiger collage


A unique opportunity to study abroad: rabbinical and cantorial branch Geiger College (Germany)

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Our friend Alice Maron created website: http://www.alisa-maron.ru

Traditional Hanukkah party

Traditional Hanukkah party will take place

on Sunday, December 13 at 17:00

(8) 495 - 956 66 09; 

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce the celebration of Chanukah

with Community Le dor va-Dor.

Lighting ceremony of the first Hanukkah candle

will be held on Sunday, December 6 at 17:00.
In program - Beit Midrash of Maccabees.

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"Internet journalism: How many drops per day?"

On 21November 21 at 13.00 will be hold seminar:
"Internet journalism: How many drops per day?"
At seminar will discuss

how to create any online publication
and why is a mistake to put in a greater financial resources.

Participants will learn what is important for the development of any electronic media,
and why some electronic media are flourishing, while others - not.
     In addition, participants will understand
how easy it is to write any text, how to find topics for Internet resource,
as well as free to attract sponsors for the content of any Internet publication.


Michael Brustein "The secret of the Jews"

On 14 November at 13.00 in our community with Israel open chanel
will presentation and discussion of a new book by Israeli writer

Michael Brustein "The secret of the Jews".
Everyone for free book and a good mood!


Memorial Prayer

We express our condolences to families, relatives,
and friends who died in a plane crash on October 31.
We mourn with you. Baruch Dayan ha-Emet.
Memorial Prayer in community "Le dor va-Dor" 

will be on 6 November at 19:00



Pajama Library

Program PJ LIBRARY("Pajama Library") came to Moscow

which gives Jewish books 

to children under 9 years worldwide.

Community "Le dor va-Dor" is a partner of the program,

 and we are ready to help you to subscribe to books

using the registration form promocode on web site 

www.pjlibrary.ru (can be found in the community) 

Annual Subscription "pajama Library" consists of ten books. 

Part of the book is dedicated to Jewish holidays, 

others are connected with Jewish themes and subjects. 

Subscription and delivery is free for participants. 

Subscription is open from October 25,

during the first year will be distributed no more than 1,000 subscriptions.



Steve Goldberg - Director of Development

Our guest Steve Goldberg



Tu B'Shvat

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Rabbi Consultation

Individual consultations of Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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Раввин Леонид Бимбат

Do you have questions about jewish traditions? 

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The rite of Brit-mila (male circumcision) performed by graduated mohel,

(urologist, andrologist)

Mulik Evgeny Leonidovich

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah in our community. Classes from:
Cantor Dmitry Karpenko, Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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