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ommunity "Le dor va-Dor" and Jewish agency for Israel

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On Saturday, April 9, community "Le dor va-Dor" and Jewish agency for Israel
held one-day community Seminar, dedicated to Israel.
All day we were together - from 10.00 to 20.00.
Seminar began from welcome speech of Director of the Department of the Jewish Agency Yuri Shahar
and Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and continued Shaharitom.

Then there were lectures and individual consultations
from the representatives of the Jewish Agency,
Culinary Midrash, talk about Tora portion with Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy,
lectures and discussions with Rabbi Leonid Bimbat,
music classes with Dmitry Karpenko cantor,
communication and warm atmosphere of our center.

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Rabbi Consultation

Individual consultations of Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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The rite of Brit-mila (male circumcision) performed by graduated mohel,

(urologist, andrologist)

Mulik Evgeny Leonidovich

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