Ле-Дор Ва-Дор - община прогрессивного иудаизма, г.Москва



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    The Moscow community of modern (progressive) Judaism Le Dor va-Dor was created in 2006. And it is not just because it was created only recently - in 2006. First of all, this community unites young Jewish families who have children of preschool and school-age children whose parents are interested in that their children have opportunity to grow up in a rich national environment and get a high quality of Jewish education.

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    Position of membership of the Community Mockovskoy modern Judaism "Le Dor va-Dor"

    Application for membership in the Moscow community of modern Judaism "Le Dor Va Dor"

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    Moscow community of modern (progressive) Judaism Le Dor va-Dor was created in 2006. The history of the formation and development of the community has a lot of important dates, reflecting its results and achievements. With each new year, our community is becoming stronger and more active. That is why, with each passing year, the project activities of the community "Le Dor va Dor" expands and starts new programs.

    At present we are glad to offer many programs in the following areas:

    - Family Program;

    - Youth programs;

    - Educational programs;

    - Holidays and Celebrations, and etc

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Rabbi Consultation

Individual consultations of Rabbi Alexander Lyskovoy and Rabbi Leonid Bimbat

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The rite of Brit-mila (male circumcision) performed by graduated mohel,

(urologist, andrologist)

Mulik Evgeny Leonidovich

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